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Have you high-fived a Park Ranger lately? During the 2013 government shutdown Sean and Allie got married under the Golden Gate Bridge, which happened to be closed and off-limits. Not only was there a drug bust right before they tied the knot but this Park Ranger rallied and assured them that they could carry on, […]

View full post » I’m psyched to launch this new website! It has been fermenting over the last year and a half on a handful of hard drives as I’ve been traveling around and collecting these beautiful stories. This site exists for two reasons. First, as an expression of the beautiful human beings throughout these pages that have […]

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Meet Clark and Hillary. These two are among my favorites and are good friends of mine from Oklahoma City. They married on a HOT day in Austin this summer and happen to be ridiculously creative individuals. Clark is a graphic designer and Hillary is a photographer. Together they’re quite the creatively awesome force! I had […]

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